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Silverlight Download

If your bandwidth drops below 3Mbps, smooth streaming will kick-in so that your video isn't affected.

Microsoft Silverlight is a lightweight plugin that allows you to watch Silverlight-based content in your browser.

Cons As noted above I did need to install this to watch a lecture.

Really annoyed and will be removing the installation as soon as lecture is finished.

9 MB 28 September, 3 years ago) 5.

Work ON IT Was this review helpful?

Cons Fried my hard drive Summary This program crashed my computer.

Microsoft Silverlight can stream high resolution video well and supports HD-quality videos.

MB Windows XP, Vista, February, 5 years ago) 4.

Cons I don't know if it's the cause of the daily hiccups with video playback on other sites, but on Netflix, Silverlight is a clusterfck.

8 MB 05 September, 7 years ago) 1.

Despite going to the webpage 2 hours prior to the lecture it only told me I needed to install it when the lecture started - 20 minutes, 3 installation attempts.

3 MB 06 September, 3 years ago) 8.

When I cannot tolerate it, having to click and drag the slider to sync video and audio every thirty seconds or so is an annoying distraction.

The most important improvements to the latest version are smoother streaming, drm management, and an out-of browser player.

"Clean Video Plug-in" June 11, By Version: Microsoft Silverlight 1 Pros Easy to install.

3 MB 11 May, 2 years ago) 6.

Silverlight Download

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